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Unfortunately, tractor/trailer, truck, and automobile injuries and deaths occur all too frequently. Many times these sad occurrences could have been easily prevented and involve some kind of negligence or are the result of a wrongful death. Mercer Law Firm's car and truck accident attorneys have helped hundreds of parents of children injured or killed in tractor/trailer truck accidents and automobile negligence cases, obtaining jury verdicts and settlements in millions of dollars.

Automobile and tractor/trailer truck accident cases sometimes require computer generated animation of the accident to help prove the actual negligence of the defendant. Mercer Law Firm is experienced in obtaining and using video re-enactments of the actual crash to prove allegations of negligence. Our truck accident attorneys have used video reenactments of actual crashes to visually illustrate the negligence of the truck driver in many cases.

To properly prosecute an automobile or tractor/trailer truck accident case may require hiring accident reconstructionists and crash impact experts. Drug or alcohol accident cases may require a toxicologist. Mercer Law Firm's experienced car and truck accident attorneys know which experts will be required in your case. Often an automobile accident case requires graphic demonstrative evidence in order to explain exactly how the injury occurred, together with precise medical illustrations of the client's injuries. Modern trucks have a "black box" that records critical details of the crash event and pre-crash conditions in the truck. An expert is required to examine the recorder and provide critical analysis that may help prove negligence. Mercer Law Firm's attorneys have worked with respected professionals in virtually every field that might be needed in your automobile or tractor/trailer truck accident case.

Tod Mercer's experience and expertise in tractor/trailer truck accidents and automobile accidents causing catastrophic injury and wrongful death is well known to defense attorneys, insurance companies and big businesses. Mercer Law Firm prepares each case for trial but the firm's experience and reputation allows its clients to avoid jury trials in many instances via favorable settlements. There is no substitute for experience, expertise and reputation for obtaining good results.