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Premises liability is an area of law that includes injuries occurring on someone else's property due to the negligence of the owner of that property. Property owners are required to protect those who lawfully enter on their land or property from unreasonably dangerous conditions. Failure to do so often results in personal injuries. These type property owners include business owners, homeowners, as well as local, state and federal governments and municipalities.

Playgrounds are planned and built to be places for fun, sports and recreation. However, the second leading type of child death and serious injury occurs on playgrounds. Unfortunately, there can be many hidden dangers at playgrounds: sharp edges, old equipment and unprotected electrical wiring are all sources of potential serious injury or death to our children.

Another leading cause of injury in children occurs at commercial establishments, such as restaurants and toy stores. Serious injury can originate from foreign objects such as boxes falling from shelves or unsecured areas where children can slip and fall.

Prosecution of these cases often includes a video re-enactment or animation of the actual injury. Further, the use of premises security experts is common in premises liability cases. Mercer Law Firm's experienced premises liability attorneys use video re-enactments and premises safety experts to prosecute these cases and they know and are familiar with the leading experts in the field.

Tod Mercer's experience, expertise and reputation for obtaining good results in premises liability cases involving children is well known to defense attorneys and insurance companies. Mercer Law Firm prepares each premises liability case for trial but the firm's experience and reputation allows its clients to avoid jury trials in many instances via favorable settlements. There is no substitute for experience, expertise and reputation for obtaining good results.