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Many states, including Oklahoma, have laws that require an insurance company to handle their own insured's claim fairly and treat their own insured policyholders in good faith. Unfortunately, many times insurance companies fall short of the duty of good faith and fair dealing. Bad faith claims arise when the insurer acts unreasonably in the handling of a claim for insurance benefits. Bad faith claims can arise out of any claim made against your own insurance carrier, another person's insurance carrier owes you no such duty of good faith and fair dealing. Bad faith cases can arise out of health insurance claims, homeowner's claims, commercial policy claims, cancer policy claims, life insurance claims, automobile medical payments and uninsured motorist claims, and many other types of insurance policies and claims.

The key to knowing whether a company has committed bad faith is sometimes very well hidden by the carrier. Mercer Law Firm's experienced bad faith attorneys can navigate the treacherous waters of bad faith law. They have the knowledge and expertise to recognize bad faith cases and prosecute them to the fullest. When you sue a large insurance company for bad faith, it is like grabbing a tiger by the tail. But Mercer Law Firm's attorneys are constantly involved in suing major insurers and they are used to battling and winning against the best defense attorneys that insurance companies can buy.

If you or your attorney believes that your insurance carrier has handled your claim unfairly or breached the duty of good faith and fair dealing, contact Mercer Law Firm.

Tod Mercer - An Attorney the Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Call

Tod Mercer's experience and expertise in insurance bad faith cases is well known to defense attorneys and insurance companies. Mercer Law Firm prepares each bad faith case for trial, but the firm's experience and reputation allows its clients to avoid jury trials in many instances via favorable settlements. There is no substitute for experience, expertise and reputation for obtaining good results.